‘With Nicky’ video series gets 1 million views

‘With Nicky’ video series gets 1 million views

Nicola Benedetti (Photo credit: Andy Gotts)

This past January, violinist Nicola Bendetti launched “With Nicky” — an online series of educational videos that intends to provide information, guidance, and support for young musicians throughout their musical and personal development.

Since then, the “With Nicky” series has received 150K YouTube views, 490K Facebook views, 120K Twitter views and 180K Instagram views – a total of over 1 MILLION views. The content of these videos is an integral part of the work of the Benedetti Foundation, and provides useful information for teachers looking to support their work with new ideas. Nicola is constantly striving to broaden the appeal of classical music to young and new audiences in addition to providing enrichment, inspiration and variation to the UK’s education system and communities.

The videos are released regularly on Tuesdays at 12pm UK Time on Nicola’s YouTube channel.

Check out the most recent videos:



“Back to More Basics – Left Hand Part 2”


“Back to More Basics – Left Hand Part 1”




“With Nicky at the Oasby Music Group”

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