Itzhak Perlman’s cover feature of “Listen” Magazine

Itzhak Perlman’s cover feature of “Listen” Magazine

Itzhak Perlman graces the cover of the Summer 2015 issue of Listen Magazine, out this week.

Listen: Life with Music & Culture is North America’s classical music magazine covering people, places and events; recommendations of recordings, books, and film; and all the many ways our lives are touched by classical music.

In the cover feature, Itzhak Perlman discusses teaching, Mendelssohn, color, chamber music, warhorses, interpretation, solo Bach, and his hair.

Read an excerpt here:

Q: Had you over-Mendelssohned?

A: I don’t know if I over-Mendelssohned, but it was just too difficult for me as a kid, so I left it — and then I returned and never left again. That was great: To leave Mendelssohn and then return. That was the only concerto that I really kind of left alone and felt I wanted to relax, that I needed a vacation from that piece.

Q: What was it about the Mendelssohn Concerto that was… getting you?

A: Getting me in a negative way?

Q: Yes.

A: It was difficult. For me, any Classical concerto is difficult. Mozart: difficult. Mendelssohn: difficult. Beethoven is difficult. Why is it difficult? It is difficult because everything has to have a particular balance when it comes to your sound, when it comes to phrasing — and the balance has to be just right. And if it’s not just right, it sounds okay, but only okay. It’s got to sound, like, after you hear a phrase you say ‘Yes! That is satisfying for me.’ And this is very difficult in the Classical style.

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