5-Star album review: “Perlman and Ax on peerless form”

5-Star album review: “Perlman and Ax on peerless form”

Warmth and wisdom … Itzhak Perlman and Emanuel Ax.

The Guardian gives a 5-star review to Itzhak Perlman and Emanuel Ax for their recently issued Deutsche Grammophon recording of the Fauré and Strauss sonatas. The pair’s first-ever duo album together, this disc celebrates the decades-long friendship and collaboration between these two legendary artists and has garnered unanimously stellar reviews. Here below is what Stephen Pritchard of The Guardian writes:

“Itzhak Perlman is celebrating his 70th birthday with multiple reissues of his vast catalogue and this new recording – his first solo release for 16 years and his first-ever with his longtime platform partner Emanuel Ax. This is vintage, songful Perlman: each line in the Fauré and Strauss sonatas is beautifully drawn and meticulously judged and everything overlain with an attractive patina of age and experience. Ax imbues the romance and fire of these youthful works with genuine warmth and wisdom; it’s as though these two veteran performers are taking a wistful look back over long and eventful careers, while still excited by the possibilities to come. A disc to treasure.”

Click here to view the article: www.theguardian.com/music/2015/faure-strauss-violin-sonatas-itzhak-perlman-emanuel-ax-cd-review.

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Perlman returns to London on April 5, 2016 for a recital at the Barbican.