Top praise from London Times for Rana’s new disc

Top praise from London Times for Rana’s new disc

Beatrice Rana, piano (Photo credit: Nicolas Bets)

The first review is in for Beatrice Rana’s new “Bach: Goldberg Variations” disc and it’s a glowing one from The Sunday Times of London!

Paul Driver of The Sunday Times writes: “Beware! I put on this disc and found myself barely able to move for the 78 minutes of Bach’s masterpiece, so familiar yet suddenly so new. Rana’s playing has a kind of Orphic seductiveness, a transcendent lightness of touch. She yields little to Glenn Gould in mercuriality and fleetness (her toccatas are ‘brio’ at its most devastating), and lacks his tendentiousness. How beautifully she draws the bemused interior phrasing of variation XIII, or the plangent dissonance of the extended ‘Black Pearl’ variation XXV. A supremely intelligent reading.”

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Warner Classics releases the album on Friday, February 24th. To hear excerpts or purchase the disc, go to these iTunes or Amazon links.