Macelaru in Philly for two subscription programs

Macelaru in Philly for two subscription programs

Cristian Macelaru returns to the Philadelphia Orchestra for two subscription programs this Spring on March 12-14, 2015 and May 7-9, 2015. In both instances, he leads the orchestra in Beethoven symphonies: Beethoven No. 6 “Pastoral” for the March concerts and Beethoven No. 1 for the May concerts.

Macelaru has the honor of taking over the March concerts for the great Spanish conductor Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos. The program features an all-Spanish second half with popular de Falla works including pianist Jorge Federico Osorio on “Nights in the Gardens of Spain”.

The May program will have an Eastern European flair, bookended by pieces from Macelaru’s homeland of Romania. Philadelphia-based violinist Sarah Chang is the soloist on the program, playing Dvorak’s Violin Concerto.

Both Beethoven symphonies are featured as part of the Philadelphia Orchestra’s two-year cycle of Beethoven symphonies.

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