Perlman and Martha Argerich’s Warner album released today

Perlman and Martha Argerich’s Warner album released today

Itzhak Perlman and Martha Argerich pictured at the Salle Colonne at their recording sessions (Photo credit: Jean-Baptiste Millot)

The highly anticipated studio recording of Itzhak Perlman and Martha Argerich has been released by Warner Classics today, September 30, 2016!

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It has been 18 years since Perlman and Argerich’s last album together: a live recital from the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. On that momentous occasion in 1998, the pair performed three of the 19th century’s most ambitious and enthralling works for violin and piano – Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata, the Franck Violin Sonata and Schumann’s Violin Sonata No. 1. The first two sonatas were released in 1999 by EMI Classics (now Warner Classics) in what was the pair’s only recording together until now.

The Schumann Violin Sonata will at long last be released alongside new tracks from sessions recorded at the Salle Colonne in Paris in April 2016, making the forthcoming album a fascinating ‘then and now’ portrait of how two living legends have evolved musically.

In addition to the 1998 recording, this milestone collaboration between Argerich and Perlman sees the duo explore three masterpieces from the Baroque to the Romantic in intimate chamber recital: Bach’s Violin Sonata No. 4 in C Minor, BWV 1017 (with its famous Siciliano), Schumann’s impassioned Fantasiestücke Op. 73, and Brahms’s Scherzo from the Sonatensatz in C minor (the ‘F.A.E. Sonata’), dedicated to the great violinist Joseph Joachim.

“Martha is the most amazing pianist,” says Perlman of his recital partner. “It’s always been my dream to make music with her… We thought of completing that recording from 1998 by making another record almost 20 years later.

“Working with Martha was a unique experience for me …Her brilliance and the colours she uses when she plays are recognisable as soon as you hear them – it’s her; nobody else sounds like that… I am so excited that we were actually able to record together again… When this possibility came along that she might be able to have a couple of days free to record I said, ‘I’ll go any place!’”

Martha Argerich added: “I feel so stimulated to play with Itzhak, it’s really a feast – fantastic! It’s a very special relationship, I am completely enchanted.”