Critics and audiences love Itzhak Perlman’s new film

Critics and audiences love Itzhak Perlman’s new film

Itzhak Perlman in a scene from the new film “Itzhak” (Photo credit: Voyeur Films)

Reviews for Alison Chernick‘s new film ‘Itzhak’ have been rolling in! Since it’s release in U.S. theaters on March 9th, critics are raving!

Zachary Lewis of the Cleveland Plain Dealer raves: “If you don’t already know and love violinist Itzhak Perlman, you will after watching ‘Itzhak.’ There are, after all, so many reasons to love him. His triumph over polio. His philanthropy. His incomparable artistry. His love for his wife and baseball. His religious and cultural sincerity. In addition to all the awards and honorary degrees he’s already received, he should get a prize just for being a good, well-rounded citizen of the world. That’s the takeaway from Alison Chernick’s touching new documentary, opening this week at the Cedar Lee Theater. More than a simple portrait of a gifted classical musician, the film is an ode to a cultural giant, one whose work and fame defy all categorization. What sets Perlman apart, as the film shows, is his philanthropy and tireless work as an educator, through the Perlman Music Program. That’s what pushes Perlman over the edge, from a gifted artist to a worthy film subject and a model human.”

Pat Padua of the Washington Post writes: “Director Alison Chernick profiles the violin virtuoso, through his performance, of course, but she also reveals a personality as expressive as his musicianship.”

Robert Abele of the LA Times praises: “Itzhak Perlman’s musical gifts with violin and bow are legion, so any documentary on him is sure to be fortified with performance pleasure. What’s especially appealing about Alison Chernick’s “Itzhak,” however, is how much time we spend with his personality, which radiates joy about art, thoughtfulness when he reflects on his life as the polio-surviving prodigy who made good, happiness around loved ones, and passion for teaching.”

Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Gate says: “It’s an interesting story of a consummate talent, but the biggest advantage the documentary has, just as a piece of entertainment, is Perlman, who is unaffected and likable. So the movie is a chance to hang out with a great guy, who is also a great musician.”

Lastly, Jean Lowerison of the Review Express writes: “In today’s soul-killing and politically poisonous environment, we need something to remind us that beauty and culture still exist. Everyone owes it to themselves to see Itzhak.”

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